Violoncello by Anonymous

Montagnana School, Venice or Veneto, c.a. 1700

Catalog 58. Violoncello after Montagnana, Venice, ca. 1700


Domenico Montagnana was one of the most renowned luthiers in Venice, besides  Cremona, one of the most important violin making centers in Italy. This cello, although not by him, clearly stands under the influence of the master. One of the characteristics of the school was the broad upper bouts, which yields a very full and mellow sonority.


The sound of this fine violoncello predestines it for the role as a soloist in the concerti grossi, as in this concert at the Castle of Kremsegg, Austria, in the hands of Lúcia Krommer:

Body length 730 mm
Upper width
Middle width 245mm
Lower width 423 mm
Rib height 117 mm
String length 697mm