Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Will you grant us permission to add a link to your website from ours?

The website of the ORPHEON FOUNDATION, is a very heavily frequented site for performers of Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music. The visitors to our site literally overwhelm us with questions about historical string instruments: where to buy, repair, sell, where to get an appraisal for violins, violas, cellos, violas da gamba, etc.

We have designed a simple links page with this information for the convenience of our visitors, which will become a page of reference for contact between performers on historical musical instruments and professional violin makers, restorers and dealers throughout the world.

We need your permission and cooperation to make this service available: please, take a minute to answer the following brief questions and return this per e-mail to us.

We do not ask and will not ask in the future for any money for this service. All we ask is that your webmaster kindly place the following links on your website to the sites of the Orpheon Foundation. As soon as your webmaster activates these links, we will place yours on our site and send you a notification that this has been done.

The links to the Orpheon Foundation:

Orpheon Foundation – Museuum of Historical Musical Instruments (English)

ORPHEON sur le site des Festes de Thalie (French)

Here are the questions we need answered (Yes / No):

1. Your shop also carries historical string instruments of the violin family (Baroque, Renaissance, Classical)? Yes / No.

2. Do you also carry instruments of the viola da gamba family?

3. Do you also have historical bows (Renaissance, Baroque, Classic)

4. Do you repair and restore historical musical instruments?

5. Do you build new historical musical instruments? (Baroque violins, violas da gamba, etc.)?

6. Do you do appraisals (for insurance, etc.) ?

7. Do you have accessories for historical string instruments (strings, rosin, etc.)?

8. Do you rent historical string instruments for learners, for students?

This information will be made available directly next to the link to your website. The site will be organised by country, city (USA also by state), for easy access to performers of historical string instruments.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!
Please, do visit our site to learn about the exhibition of the collection taking place right now and much more!


Prof. José Vàzquez
University for Music of Vienna
Orpheon Foundation

NB: We are interested in purchasing old violas da gamba and historic bows. Please note this in your database, for future reference!