Castello di Duino, Trieste, Italy
15-24 October, 2010

Concerts of the Orpheon Consort

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There will be a concert every night (15 to 23 October) at the Church of San Giovanni in Tuba, with truly marvelous acoustics.
The Gothic church was built in the 15th C. on the foundations of a paleochristian basilica (from which come the 5th C. mosaics and structural elements) and on the rests of the pre-existing Roman temple dedicated to Speranza Augusta.


15 October: Music for a While: Shakespeare and his Time
Dowland, Byrd, Gibbons, Lawes, Purcell


16 October: La Gloria di Versailles
Marin Marais, Sainte-Colombe, Couperin


17 Ottobre: L’Epoca d’Oro della Spagna
Victoria, Morales, Guerrero et al


18 October: La Corte di Berlino
Carl Ph. E. Bach, Christoph Schaffrath, Carl Fr. Abel


19 October: Musica per un Principe
Divertimenti by Haydn, Andreas Lidl, Sontate e Suites de Marin Marais ed altri


20 October: L’Impero Austriaco
Heinrich Biber, Georg Muffat, Johann Joseph Fux


21 October: Mozart a London: 1764
Johann Christian Bach, Carl Friedrich Abel, Georg Friedrich Händel


23 October: I Grandi Maestri del Barocco
Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann, Marais, Buxtehude



Music: François Couperin – La Sultanne