Hamburg-Ulzburg, 11-13 June, 2010


from Gibbons to Purcell

The Vazquez Collection of Historical String Instruments

Violins, Violas da gamba, Viola d’amore, Violoncellos, Double Basses from 1500 to 1789

JOSE VAZQUEZ & LUCIA KROMMER – viola da gamba, música de cámara

Hamburg-Ulzburg, 11-13 June

Begin: Friday, 11 June at 10h
End: Sunday, 13 June at 21h

Advance level consort playing, concentrating on the finest English masters from 1580 to 1680:
William Byrd, John Dowland, Orlando Gibbons, John Ward, Thomas Tomkins, William Lawes, Matthew Locke, John Jenkins, Herny Purcell
Proficient sight-reading in all standard clefs is a prerequisite for participation in the course.

The number of participants is strictly limited.

Some of the historical violas da gamba of the Vázquez Collection will be made available for use during this course.

For information:
orpheon (at)
Tel. +43-650-400 3731