Viola da gamba Bass

Tyrolean or North Italian, ca. 1670

Catalog 176. Bass viola da gamba – Tyrolean or North Italian, ca. 1670
A recent acquisition (2020), this has yet to be properly investigated.
Bears the spurious label: “Barak Norman, Bass Viol, Saint Paul’s alley fecit 1691”

Dendrochronology: ca. 1660
Top made from 6 planks of wood: highly unusual, pointing rather to an early date of construction (17th C).
This viol has corners, like the violin, but C-holes, like found on most viols. Wood and varnish betray certain traits of both Venetian and Tyrolean instruments.

This instrument belonged to the noted Brazilian-born soloist, Myrna Herzog, who has done  commendable work in furthering the viola da gamba both in her native country as well as in Israel, where she presently resides.


Myrna Herzog and David Shemer


You can listen the viol played by Myrna Herzog, which plays first viol throughout the duo CD except on track 4 where it plays the bass:


And you can see Myrna Herzog playing this viol on YouTube
Bach sonatas
Der Kleine Bach (the little river) written for Myrna Herzog in 2018


Body length mm
Upper width mm
Middle width mm
Lower width mm
Rib height mm
String length mm