Viola da gamba Bass

Johannes Jauck, Graz, 1735

Catalog 164. Viola da gamba, bass, by Johannes Jauck, Graz, 1735


The work of Johann Jauck bears the influence of both Jakob Stainer as well as the contemporary Viennese makers. Jauck worked in the workshop of Michael Albanus, Graz, taking over the shop after the latter’s death in 1730. Therefore it is not surprising that this instrument is uncannily similar to the viola da gamba by Michael Albanus in our collection.


The original head is fashioned after a moor, something of a fashion in Austria at this time.



Body length mm
Upper width
Middle width mm
Lower width mm
Rib height mm
String length mm

At present this bass viola da gamba is on permanent loan to Luca Piccini, Bologna, Italy, who is the webmaster and a principal member of the Orpheon Foundation.