Violin by Johann Christoph Leidolff

Wien, 1747

Catalog 14. Violin – Johann Christoph Leidolff – Wien, 1747


Johann Christoph Leidolf (1690-1758) learned his trade most likely under his father, Nicholas Leidolff, the founder of this highly significant dynasty of Viennese violin-makers, who, in turn, either learned with Kögl or – perhaps more likely, judging from his work – acquired his knowhow directly in Italy. Although the instruments by Johann Christoph cannot deny their debt to the omnipresent influence of Stainer North of the Alps, his varnish and the scrolls point dicidedly towards his native city. The generous outlines of the body, the arching and the deep ribs give these instruments power and carry, without forfeiting their innate Viennese charm.


Label: Johann Christoph Leidolff / Lauten- und Geigenmacher / in Wien 1747
Providence: Auction House Dorotheum, Vienna



Body length 361 mm
Upper width
168 mm
Middle width 115 mm
Lower width 208 mm
Rib height 34 mm
String length 325 mm