Viola by Johann Joseph Stadlmann

Vienna, 1764

Catalog 43. Viola – Johann Joseph Stadlmann, Vienna, 1764

Johann Joseph (1720-1781) was the son of Daniel Achatius Stadlmann (ca. 1680-1744), the founder of this distinguished Viennese dynasty of luthiers in the 18th C. In fact, Daniel Achatius was entrusted with the Imperial monopoly on the wood trade for the guild of luthiers, which explains why the instruments of this Family were constructed from the finest, first-choice materials.

A Viennese String Quartet of the Times of Mozart and Haydn
Violoncello by Michael Ignaz Stadlmann, viola and violin by Johann Joseph Stadlmann,
violin by Johann Christoph Leidolff


Body length mm
Upper width
Middle width mm
Lower width mm
Rib height mm
String length mm