This is the non definitive list of the historical BOWS in our Collection:

Connoisseurs know to value the role of an excellent bow in the performance on a string instrument: the bow is the soul of the instrument, as L’Abbé le Fils justly asserted. The collection encompasses over 40 original bows dating from 1680 to 1860 by some outstanding makers. Although the attribution of provenance of a bow is very difficult, the English expert, Andrew Dipper was able to identify the type and, in many cases, the name of the authors of many of these bows


Original Historical Bows of the Vazquez Collection


Modern Historical Bows by Scott Wallace


Modern Historical Bows by Antonino Airenti


Modern copies by A. A. Bultitude, John Doe, Arnold Dolmetch, Thomas Gerbeth, Gerhard Penzel & others