Viola da gamba Bass

Paul Alletsee, München, 1722

Catalog 160. Viola da gamba, bass, by Paul Alletsee, München, 1722

Provisional Photos

Labeled: Paulus Alletssee Fecit Monachii 1722

Formerly from the Erich Lachmann Collection

More detailed image in from Christie’s WebSite

First concert with this viol: Metropolitan Museum, New York

From the catalog:
Erich Lachmann Collection of Historical Stringed Musical Instruments
Text by Erich Lachmann
Photographic Illustrations by Irvin Kershner
Published by Allan Hancock Foundation, University of Southern California, Los Angeles 1950.



Body length 787 mm
Upper width
381 mm
Middle width mm
Lower width 457 mm
Rib height 127 mm
String length mm





Bass 1763-1692