We sometimes have to sell old musical instruments to finance the purchase of some instruments of particular importance. Not all of these instruments will be sold but only until the purchase price will be covered…

We also sell modern copies of violas da gamba, with superior tonal qualities.

All the instruments may be seen in various locations in Europe: Vienna, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam.

These instruments have outstanding tonal characteristics and are remarkably easy to play (proper setup) and would satisfy the requirements of a professional musician.

List of instruments for sale



Our foundation buys instruments for the performance of Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music. These include violas da gamba, violas d’amore, violins, violas, violoncellos, basses, harpsichords, organs, lutes, flutes, oboes, bassons, horns, etc. built before 1800 or modern replicas for the use of our students.
Please send us information about instruments on sale, either privately, at auctions or from dealers.

We are particularly keen on:

1. Baryton
2. Violas da gamba built before 1780
3. Violas da gamba built between 1780 and today
4. Violas da gamba, contemporary, for students
5. Violins, violas, violoncellos, double basses, violone: preferably built before 1780, but also those of later dates.
6. Keyboard instruments before 1820: preferably harpsichords, but also spinetts, virginals, clavichords, small organs, fortepianos
7. Wind instruments built before 1820 (or modern replicas)
8. Also, musical scores and parts for performance of Renaissance, Baroque and Classical works.



Perhaps we can help you finding your dream instrument !
We often receive information about instruments on sale (about 600-900 per year) that our foundation cannot acquire. If you are looking for a particular instrument, historical or modern, we can put you directly in contact with the owners of these instruments. Please, write us precisely what you are looking for. It’s our duty, but also a pleasure to help you.