Violin by Giovanni Antonio Marchi

(Joannes or Gian Antonio Marchi)
Bologna, 1727–1805

Catalog 6. Violin – Giovanni Antonio Marchi – Bologna, 1740-1795
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A very fine Bolognese luthier in the tradition of Joannes Florenus Guidantus. Interestingly, these violin makers worked under the influence of Stainer rather than that of their Cremonese contemporaries. Gian Antonio Marchi wrote a treatise in 1786, now preserved in Bologna, on how to set up a violin, which is a valuable source for technical details on construction.


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It is very easy to discern a connection between this violin and other contemporary productions of the Bologna School: the instrument bears striking similarities to the work of Joannes Florenus Guidantus, with whom Marchi was associated.
Note that the four pegs are the original ones of this violin: the pegbox has yet to be rebushed, but this will have to be done soon.



The Italian composer, Ottorino Respighi, owned and played a violin by this maker which very closely resembles our instrument.


Body length mm
Upper width
Middle width mm
Lower width mm
Rib height mm
String length mm