Violin by Jacob Horil

Rome, ca. 1750

Catalog 7. Violin – Jakob Horil, Roma, ca. 1750

Jacob Horil was a native of Bohemia, resided in Viennna from 1720 onwards and settled down in Rome ca. 1740. His style retains the overall characteristcs of his Northern Provenance, abstaining from incorporating Italianisms. As a matter of fact, this violin, with its swung scroll and short, round sound holes harkens back to the work of the Viennese School.


Label: Christianus Franciscus Partl / Fecit Wien 1771



Bass 1754 – 1611
1738 – 1596



Body length 352  mm
Upper width
159 mm
Middle width 107 mm
Lower width 197 mm
Rib height 32 mm
String length 327 mm