Viola da gamba Bass

Michael Albanus (Graz, 1706)

Catalog 107 – Viola da gamba, bass, Michael Albanus – Graz, 1706

Michael Albanus (1677-1730) descended from a dynasty of highly gifted Tyrolean masters from Bozen (now Bolzano).

An excellent violin by his father, Matthias Albanus, is in the collection. Michael emigrated to Graz, worked in the atelier of Wolfgang Sagmayr, which he took over after his death. His work reminds one of Jakob Stainer, who was the most esteemed master of the Habsburg Empire, indeed of all of Europe.

At the exhibition in Froville, France

At present this bass viola da gamba is on permanent loan to Lúcia Krommer, Pecs, Hungary, who is a principal member of the Orpheon Consort..


Concert in Ibiza. José Vázquez (Viola da gamba by Jakob Stainer, 1671) and Lúcia Krommer (Viola da gamba by Michael Albanus, 1706)

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
Sonate in g-minor, Château de Thoiry, France, 2004

Marain Marais: Pièces en trio (1692)
Concert in St Agustin, Ibiza




Body length 675 mm
Upper width
322 mm
Middle width 236 mm
Lower width 396 mm
Rib height 137  mm
String length 697 mm

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