Violin by Joachim Tielke Hamburg

Hamburg, ca. 1700

Five-string violin

Catalog 37. Violin – five-string – Joachim Tielke – Hamburg, um 1700

This five-string violin shows the typical characteristics of the instruments that Tielke bequeathed to the world. It is in perfect state of preservation. Notable on the violin: the ivory border inlay on the top and back, the lion’s head, which reminds one of the galleon figures of Hanseatic ships and the flowers and ivy decoration of the pegbox. A few composers wrote specifically for the five-string violin, among them Emperor Leopold I from Austria. The tuning was probably: a-e-a-e-a or g-d-g-d-g.
Whether Tielke actually constructed instruments or whether he was only a dealer, selling other makers’ products is not settled so far. The fact is, however, that his reputation was very high throughout the world, even long after his death. Tielke also made the fabulous bass viola da gamba (Nr. 108).



Dendrochronology: bass: 1697-1648 treble: 1696-1647


Body length mm
Upper width
Middle width mm
Lower width mm
Rib height mm
String length mm