Castello di Duino, Trieste, Italy
16-25 September, 2011

Exhibitions of the Orpheon Foundation

The Vazquez Collection of Historical String Instruments

Violins, Violas da gamba, Viola d’amore, Violoncellos, Double Basses from 1500 to 1789

A Princely Pastime


This promises to be one of the most exquisite consort playing experiences imaginable!

Advance level consort playing: proficient sight-reading in the standard clefs is a prerequisite. The original viols of the Vázquez Collection, now on exhibition at the Castello di Duino, will be used. Participants may however bring their own viols if these are over 250 years old!

1. The finest English masters from 1580 to 1680:
William Byrd, John Dowland, Orlando Gibbons, John Ward, Thomas Tomkins, William Lawes, Matthew Locke, John Jenkins, Henry Purcell
(on eight original English viols of the 17th C.)

2. Spanish and Italian consort music of the 16th and 17th C.
Cristóbal de Morales, Tomás Luís de Victoria, Ambrosio Cotes, Giovanni Gabrieli, Claudio Merulo, Giovanni Trabaci, Alfonso della Viola
(on nine viols from Venice, Brescia, Cremona and Milano, 1570 to 1717)

3. German and Austrian consort music of the 16th and 17th C.
Johann Hermann Schein, Samuel Scheidt, William Brade, Dietrich Buxtehude, Franz Tunder
(on a very large number of viols from all over Germany and Austria: 17th and 18th C.)


Works by Heinrich Biber, Georg Muffat, Giovanni Legrenzi, Johann Rosenmüller, Marc-Antoine Charpentier and other masters of the 17th C. for ensembles of violins, and viols.
Orchestral works of the 18th C. by Corelli, Vivaldi, Telemann, Bach, Marais

TUTORS AND PERFORMERS for the course and concerts

For our Italian friends (and those, who treasure that language): 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have dediced not to set a limit to enrollment, but rather to increase the number of teachers, as more students sign up. We are expecting a substantial number of viol players and string players. The number of reasonably priced rooms in hotels and pensions is large, but not unlimited. Two hotels have already been fully booked by us for you.

Course fee: € 300, which includes unlimited access to the Castello di Duino and tickets to all concerts by the faculty.
Accommodations: € 20-25 per night (double occupancy; single rooms upon request)
Meals: special price for complete meals with desert for € 6-8, according to what you eat, at the restaurant of the United World College in Duino.

Note: Duino is one of the most endearing places I have ever encountered. You may wish to come earlier or treat yourself to a few days’ stay after the course. I will also remain there a while. Please, notify us and your stay will be booked as you wish.

There will be evening concerts at one of the churches of Duino, with members of the faculty.



The participants will enjoy the unique opportunity of playing and performing exclusively on the more than 40 original viols of the Vázquez Collection. One cannot describe how much one learns, how many insights one acquires, by working directly with the originals. In fact, you should only bring your viol if it is older than 250 years. Otherwise participants will use one of the viols in the collection.

This year, the English viols will be placed in one hall, together with English consort music. The Italian viols with Italian music will be in another hall. The German & Austrian viols in other halls, with corresponding repertoire. The viols will stay, but the participants and tutors will change halls during the course.

Violinists, violists, violoncellists and double bass players may also avail themselves of an appropriate historical instrument for the duration of the course. A large number of historical bows will also be made available.

We wish to make this an exceptional “Princely Pastime” which you will not forget.


Here you can find the pictures of the Castle, the Course, the Concerts and about all the free moments


Further inquiries, enrollment: / orpheon (at)
Tel. +43-650-400 3731


Music: François Couperin – La Sultanne